our story

Mesh.pk is an effort to revive the confidence of Pakistani Customers on E commerce. We believe in serving our customer with the best quality products and making a strong long term partnership with our customers that has its foundations on trust and confidence. Mesh.pk is a brand that echos as a reliable and trustworthy source for electronics and day to day use items. We have been in sales for around 9 years and more recently we have left he conventional brick and mortar store and entered the world of online selling. Buy with confidence. You get what you pay for and if you are not satisfied, our customer support team will make sure your satisfaction.

Our quality control had made sure that only the best passes through us to your doorstep. We had deployed our quality control on the shop floor, in the packaging and the delivery department. Our 24 hour customer support is ready to guide you with any information, guidance and help that you may require during your journey of purchase. Please feel free to talk to them via our WhatsApp number and email at hello@mesh.pk.